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on July 27, 2020


In the hood, when you DIIS someone, you openly, intentionally hurt, harm and bruise their ego and feelings.


Listening to Ava Duvernay speaking on Congressman John Lewis in the most heartfelt manner and looking at his motorcade as it stopped by different buildings that he championed to be resurrected.




The fact that we are in 2020 and the honorable Congressman John Lewis, THE CONSCIOUS OF CONGRESS is the first BLACK AMERICAN laid to rest in Congress.


I asked 3 brilliant intellectuals to share with me the first thing that comes to.mind when hearing the or seeing the word DIIS. Yes as a wielder, I chose to alter the lettering.







Here is a man that we are bidding farewell in the midst of this pandemic, we MUST listen to his heart, soul and journey.


This says a lot

This means a lot

This used to be the case


When they infiltrated and we integrated or desegregated and no longer segregated for us as a COLLECTIVE, it went South.


How do we expect those whose DNA is from a mentality of superiority, suppression, oppression, lynchings and putting GREED above generations and PROFIT over people and remain content?

How do we expect those whose DNA is from a mentality of detachment, miseducation, assimilation, desegregation, isolation, slavery, integration, stripped innovation, lacking in their own creation, internalized inferiority, disassociation, ignorant of our foundation (NOT REALLY), indoctrination (OF THEIR WAY AND NOT OUR TRUTH) and remain conent?

“POOR BLACK STUDENTS” today is displaying just what SOCIETY has WILLED and WIELD them. If 82% of our educatiors in America are WHITE and this generation is UNRECOGNIZEABLE and everything small thing is criminalized through the #chooltoprisonpipeline; nothing is correlating to us as POOR BLACK PARENTS? I am not cool wth diplomas that should be stamped, 12 years a slave!

CONgress really is ANTI DEMocracy which hide behind LEGistlation.

CONgress has ALWAYS ilLEGally PASSED anti-Black, anti-Immigrant, anti-Gay, anti-Healthcare, anti-Liveable wage, anti-Cohesion, anti-Desegregation, anti-High quality education, anti-Safe community, anti-Competition, anti-Gun free zones, anti-Resources, anti-Employment, anti-Poor-people, anti-Women, anti-Workers and ANTI-TRUTH.

How long must we work, go to school and become prey before we unify against this ANTI BLACK FOLK AMERICA?




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