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Salute To Deputy Kerr III

on February 6, 2021



I WANTED TO HONOR DEPUTY CLYDE KERR because silently and secretly I too feel JUST as he did as well.

I Feel his disgust

I feel his hurt

I feel his frustration

I feel his confusion

I feel his genuine heart

I feel his anger

I feel his helplessness

I feel his guilt

I feel his remorse

I feel that his contributions aren’t enough

I feel the weight of white supremacy

I feel the negligence

I feel the abusiveness

I feel the inconsideration

I feel the fact that I am failing youth full circle (mine I birthed and those I see this damn system prey upon)

I feel that need to let shit alone, it is working just fine WHEN WE ALL KNOW IT IS NOT FINE.

I feel that need to HAVE to get a check and not how I feel and what I see, hear, feel and the inability to address any of it.

These “service” jobs are NOT for true EMPATHS AND WHO WANT TO RIGHT THESE WRONGS SINCERELY, it just isn’t.

You see, this is the exact same racism, weight and white supremacy who expects educators to criminalize the very poverty, oppression, negligence and abuse America legislate within our educational system.

This pandemic should have shown us just how our inner city children are treated, just who call the shots and how they are failed. I mean 80% of the educators in our country ARE White and they are indeed assuring that professions remain WHITE ONLY.

I am expected to harshly, unjustly, inhumane, deplorably and illegally criminalize legislated poverty.

America literally defund, withhold, reject, omit and legislate the outcome that our children bring into the schools.

America stripped needed clinicians away from our inner city children

America replaced caring, devoted, well equipped and proficient Black educators with racist, inept, ineffective and incompetent educators and now we see a level of violence and disrespect from our future that is unheard of within our culture

America literally zone children in crime ridden communities that have dilapidated buildings all around them, homes full of mold, asbestos and assure us that we are drowning in debt and the working poor.

America created DOULBE D’s (DISTANCE AND DOLLARS) to legally deny, omit, reject and exclude our most talented, driven, sincere and passionate athletes and then say WORK HARDER as though living in poverty and getting the worst education possible legislated and working long and hard for more month than money isn’t hard enough work, tuh!

Just as he laid out the racism and injustices within the police department prior to taking his life, do allow me to lay out what it is like for me within these racist schools as I have had my teaching license revoked, wages garnished and federal refund confiscated to the point; I don’t qualify for a stimulus as I have earned a M.Ed. but my annual salary says other wise (20,000.00).


I say this with the MOST sarcastic voice ever from deep down within.

I am an EDUCATOR!!!!!!!!

I bring their pain, abuse, hurt home with me
I bring their struggles home with me
I think of ways to shed light on their Poly Traumatic Stress Disorders
I bring their lack home with me
I bring their tears home with me
I bring their insecurities home with me

I am an EDUCATOR!!!!!!!!

I am transparent with them
I share my life’s failures and triumphs with them
I love them unconditionally
I am not afraid to hug them
I am respectful to them (until they push that button)
I am emotionally attached to them
I am human with them
I will cry with them
When we talk 1 on 1;  we talk 1 on 1
I encourage students to research
I encourage them to question
I give them the keys
I tell them of their power

I am an EDUCATOR!!!!!!!!

I encourage them to virtually visit schools and then ask, why not I?
I bring life skills to class that they master because America legislate them nothing, poverty, oppression and lack
I bring careers into the curriculum because they HAVE to master all kinds of skills especially employability skills because America legislate them nothing, poverty, oppression and lack


The moment the sperm covers the egg, LEARNING begins!!!!!!!

There should be NO limitations
There should be no ZERO TOLERANCE so children aren’t robbed of learning and being taught.
There are NO failures
ALL children should learn what is important to them and NOT ONLY THOSE of the affluent background

ALL children should be allowed to learn by their intellectual style and not just the affluent children

Children with “different abilities” strengths should be blown up so big we could see various professions because well, after I all:

I am an EDUCATOR and NOT a damn warden!!!!!!!!

We are told to just do a job but don’t really so your job

We give too much for our jobs not acknowledging how we slice and slight those we love deeply and unconditionally

When I hear where POLITICS don’t belong, my mind goes to this image.

How sway when POLITICIANS are the reasons why?

How sway when POLITICIANS defund and abundantly fund?

How sway when POLITICIANS continue our intentional and willful oppression?

How sway when POLITICIANS walk in benign neglect?

How sway when POLITICIANS dictate who have rights and who don’t?

How sway when POLITICIANS vote whose zip gets beautification or no resources?

How sway when POLITICIANS decide who is worthy of high quality education and who isn’t,?

How sway when POLITICIANS remain silent on our oppression, lack, little and nothing?

How sway when POLITICIANS legislate maltreatment and malpractice?

How sway when POLITICIANS dictate the funding?

How sway when POLITICIANS view which community is worthy of LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS?

How sway when POLITICIANS literally are laid with OUR tax dollars to say what we canamd cannot have, what we can and cannot do and where we can and cannot go or accomplish?

How sway when POLITICIANS can control the language of which says who is valuable and devaluabe in maintaining systemic racism?

How sway when POLTICIANS harshly, brutally, mercilessly and deathly can criminalize the poor for doing the same thing they can turn a blind eye and deaf ear at the VERY actions the rich carry out and can afford to lie, cover up and bail themselves out but we are LOCKED UP AND LOCKED DOWN IN CAGES FOR WHAT THEY LEGISLATE?

How sway when POLITICIANS can amend, change, erase, create, deny and omit TRUTH, FACTS AND PROOF and hide behind laws, rules, codes, mandates and policies when it suits them end hide being words such as VIRTUE, DIGNITY, CHARACTER, MORAL, CHRISTIANITY, RIGHTS AND other terms this country absolutely knows nothing about, not for the past 400 years at least?

How sway when POLITICIANS are behind what community’s CHILDREN are covered or uncovered of which dictates I’d they will be assets or liabilities to OUR WORLD?

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  1. Mary Dulberg says:

    All this truth and all this pain is what all those who will deny need to hear and feel.

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