Got my OWN mic, stage, key, seat & door!

To The Family of Kimora Davis, especially her mommy

on June 28, 2021















How do I say THANK YOU during a time like this?


How do I APPLAUD YOU during a time like this?


How do I say MOMMY TAKE A BOW because you did a GREAT JOB during a time like this?


Your son and  our daughter were in the 5th grade together. I always messed with him because he was extremely gifted and talented and was one memorially astute young man.

If he was respectful

If he was gifted with his art.

If he was kind

If he was considerate

If he was selfless

If he displayed all of these honorable qualities to make up a good human, I know you raised your baby girl to do and be the same


A lot of our parents only get calls when their students are in trouble, have misbehaved or did anything that cause for embarrassment but your son and daughter are great representatives of your core values of: good character, high values, strong morals and respect for humanity


You did a wonderful job as not only a  mom but he respects you greatly and honorably and for this, I want you to know that you

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